Testimonial Rakhi Pal

It was about time some one came up with a brilliant idea like this online website that helps the naive but eager to publish medical writer. Pub4Sure is user friendly and I am sure will be of great help to students and teachers of science. Though it has rough edges, but I am sure they will be taken care of as time passes. We all are in the learners curve. I feel researchers will find this a very easy to use and time saving application. I would recommend this site with three and a half star!!!

Dr. Rakhi Pal - Consultant, Anesthesia,
BLK Super Specialty Hospital,
PUSA Road, New Delhi
Testimonial Shashi Rao

In today's world of competition & Evidence Based Medicine, publishing articles has created a valuable niche for itself. Not only has it has changed the way we advise, offer & treat our patients, publications against your name enhances the way colleagues & other people involved in healthcare value you.

Writing a paper is an art which physicians seldom are good at & is learnt through experience, therefore a format where in people are able to take guidance from physicians who have learnt this art hardway & by reviewing papers sent for publications was very much needed.

My sincere wishes are with the organisers who have designed this format & have every reason to believe in its success.

Shashi Rao - Senior Consultant, Neuroanesthesia & Neurocritical Care
Jaypee Hospital

Testimonial by Sumit Mahajan

To climb up the academic ladder in our medical profession we need to publish in journals and one with good impact factors. To say it's a laborious process and often frustrating would be putting it modestly. As they say 'every patient teaches us something' but I would say a group of patients together teaches the whole medical profession. Developing countries are rich in number of patients but are unfortunately unable to convert their lessons into publishable papers. The reasons are multitude. Pub4sure is the key to unlock that door to let the whole world recognize the hard work. They have made the seemingly formidable task of writing, formatting and then publishing their papers plausible. That's what experts do......make tough task seem easy!

Sumit Mahajan - - MBBS, MS, DNB, MCh (USAIM), MNAMS, Fellowship in Joint Replacement & Arthoscopy
Orthopedic Surgeon
Testimonial by Sudhakar Subramani MD

Getting published in a medical journal is a professional milestone. Pub4Sure helps me assist researchers worldwide in formatting their manuscripts as per standard journal requirements, thus enabling increased chances of publication. As a peer reviewer I can now help them refine their manuscripts such that they are publish worthy. The reviewer feedback and interaction will help the researcher immensely in giving a positive direction to their research. Many a times papers are rejected for minor reasons of not adhering to journals format, poor English and grammar. Pub4sure is a good effort, especially for non English speaking researchers who would like to see their articles published and get due recognition. The provision of various experts to refine your manuscript will surely increase your hardwork be visible worldwide when you get published. To science ! Thanks Pub4Sure

Sudhakar Subramani - MD, DNB, MMed
Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, IA, USA

Testimonial by Sneh Lata

Pub4Sure has provided a practical platform for beginners who wish to get their papers published. One has to only follow their suggestions and layout your manuscript in the universally accepted format. I think the ‘suggestions’, ‘what to write’ and ‘what NOT to write’ incorporated in each section and subsection of a manuscript will ameliorate flaws, which usually lead to rejections by journals. I am sure Pub4Sure will be a good help for pupils of medical science.

Dr Sneh Lata - DA, DNB
Senior Consultant-Anesthesiology
MAX Superspeciality Hospital-Mohali​
Testimonial by Ashish Khanna MD

The art of writing publication worthy material doesn't come easy. It is a skill that is acquired over years of experience. A well conducted research study, a sound meta-analysis,a comprehensive review or an interesting case report are only as good as the writer can present them to be.
As a current peer reviewer and having published in several journals of repute I can safely say that publication in today's day and age is progressively getting more difficult. It is essential to be able to produce a clean,crisp,edited,language processed and error free manuscript tailored to a journal's style. Quite often early rejections at the editor's stage are based on poor formatting and irrelevant writing. Pub4sure is a one of its kind portal to help deal with the early frustrations of manuscript preparation. This platform promises to provide the user, guidance and help from a worldwide network of experts. Experts that the user can choose on his or her own, based on the needs of his or her paper. This is a refreshing new approach that I fully endorse and support. Happy publishing folks!

Ashish Khanna MD - Critical Care Fellow
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Testimonial by Mahmood Ghazanwy

Publication in journals has become very essential for admission in to higher education, promotion and making your contribution to medical literature. Young medical researchers are bounded by multitudes of obstacles when it comes to getting their research published in journals with good impact factors. The most important hinderance dragging them down is lack of proper guidance to format their manuscript. I found Pub4sure very useful, providing step by step guidance in formatting my manuscripts and getting them accepted in journals. Thus, I have been able to improve my CV. I would recommend this site (only of its kind), to one and all. Thanks Pub4sure.

Mehmood Ghazanwy MD - Anesthesia Specialist,
Princess Marina Hospital,
Gaborone, Botswana
Testimonial by Rajkalyan Chakrabarti

The art of medical writing is not taught in medical school yet there is a humongous pressure to get articles published in present scenario. Pub4sure is like oxygen to the hypoxic medical researcher, it not only guides you at every step but vastly increases chances for acceptance in a good journal. It also provides an interactive platform for peer reviewers to mentor young and budding medical residents to formulate an effective manuscript. I wish the team of Pub4sure and it's user all the success in their endeavor.

Dr Rajkalyan Chakrabarti - FRCA(UK), Diplomate of European Society of Anesthesiology(DESA)
Fellowship in Neuroanesthesia & Spine Surgery (Cleveland Clinic USA)
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