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HOW TO SELECT THE BEST TITLE FOR YOUR RESEARCH PAPER The research paper title is perhaps the most read part of your manuscript and at times, unfortunately, the only part. A good title is usually a compromise between being curt/concise and explicit or categorical. Drafting a perfect research paper title requires some serious thought. Researchers tend to […]

The writing of the Result Section of your Research Article can be an intimidating ordeal for a lot of writers. The result section will reveal your findings to everyone. Following some simple approach in the planning of the result section will result in a succinct and comprehensible demonstration of your research. Once you have collected […]

 An introduction is akin to the “trailer” for an upcoming movie, intended to generate interest in your work. When you draft the introduction of your research article, you should try to defend why your research is an indispensable constituent of investigation in the field. You should endeavor to apprise the audience/peer reviewers about the justification […]

Surely you have overcome great obstacles to finish a good research project; however, when it is time to write the paper and its references the problem continues, doesn’t it? With this article, you can learn the most common and internationally accepted way to write the references of your research paper, the Vancouver Style that uses […]

There are several reasons why your research paper is rejected by the journal. Sometimes even without a review by the editorial board, and sometimes it does not even see the daylight of peer reviewing process. You painstakingly accomplish a research, write it up and submit to a journal for publication. Within few hours or days, you get an email […]

A research article is not complete until you have established a compelling abstract. An abstract is the preface to your hard work and the first and may be perhaps the only thing someone will ever read about your research. An abstract is a short, self-contained, and powerful declaration that succinctly describes your exhaustive study. An […]

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