Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Pub4Sure. If your doubts are not answered here please feel free to Contact Us and we will be glad to get back to you with answers.


Why do I have to create a user name and password to access my account?

Why do I have to create a user name and password to access my account?

At Pub4Sure we want your online experience with us to be as simple and convenient as possible. When you create a user name, it allows us to ensure that only you (or others that you designate) maintain access to your account information. We also use your user name to store your account information and preferences in your user profile securely, so your information is always available as soon as you log in.
Please Note: You need to have separate Log In ID+Password for different roles (User and /or Expert/s).

Each role you have on the site will require a different email ID.

Why use Pub4Sure?

Why use Pub4Sure?

If you have a manuscript that you need to submit to a journal for possible publication, we are here to help. Your manuscript can be
• Research article
• Case Report/Case Series
• Review article (Meta/Systematic Analysis)
• Thesis/Dissertation
• Poster to be presented at a conference

We have you covered!

Format your manuscript as per universally accepted formats and decrease the flaws in your paper. This will greatly increase your chances of a successful and early publication.

If you wish to further enhance your manuscript publish-worthiness, we recommend you Engage Experts. At Pub4Sure we have experts who will polish your manuscript. You can engage one or more experts like
• Subject Experts
• English Language Experts
• Statistical Experts
• Language Translator Experts
The best part is you can pick these experts any way you want. We also provide you with an interface to interact with them once they have worked on your project.

Watch these YouTube VIDEOS to help understand how we help you and please subscribe to our channel

How do I start using Pub4Sure?

How do I start using Pub4Sure?

If you wish to assist medical paper writing then enroll as an Expert.

Initiate by FREE Registering at www.pub4sure.com Please click on REGISTER as an EXPERT. Please choose which kind of expert you wish to register as (Subject/Statistical/English language/Translation). You can register as one or more expert. But, please ensure that you have to register with different email ID’s for each expert task. We will approve your credentials and send you an endorsement ASAP.



Thereafter, Log In and then look in your email for verification and password. Once you have registered an edit profile page will open. Fill that out, and you are all set to begin your contribution as an expert in helping other professionals. You can keep your identity hidden from the public if you wish to, and pick an virtual avatar.




The best part about Pub4Sure is that this time you review/work and also make money!

PS: For one user to register as an client as well as an expert/s you are required to use different email ID’s. One user role can only function with singular email ID.

How do I start using Pub4Sure?

How do I start using Pub4Sure?

As some one who wishes to format manuscripts etc as per the required journals specification your first step is to REGISTER and then Log In at www.Pub4Sure.com.

Once you register, we would email you your password in a welcome email. Please check your email inbox (spam/junk) for verification and password. Log back in at www.pub4sure.com Click “What We Offer” and chose the project/manuscript type you wish to work on. It will take you to the desired destination. You can choose from Research Article, Case Report, Review Articles, Thesis (including Protocol), Posters for presentations in conferences.

Please pay the minimum token fees and voila! Our P4S wizard opens up the format and guide you at every step. Happy publishing.



Start with Pub4Sure

How do I pay?

  1. Select the manuscript you would like to create by going to the “What we Offer” Menu Item.
  2. Click on red button titled Payment Portal.
  3. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment. Upon successful payment you will be able to input the data for the selected manuscript type using our step by step process.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. Your payment is 100% secure as we use PayPal as our payment processor.

How do I pay my expert?

Select the expert you would like to engage and click on charges tab below the profile image of the expert. Click the Engage button. You would then be given an option to select the manuscript document for which you would like to engage the expert .The selected document will be shown in the workroom section. Click on $ symbol against the document. You would be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment.

How are the experts ranked?

The experts are ranked based on feedback provided by our customers. When you hire an expert for reviewing your paper we encourage you to provide candid feedback on the services provided by the expert. Your feedback is essential and important for rating the expert’s performance.

Can I hire multiple experts?

Yes, you can hire multiple experts for the same manuscript document. The process of selecting additional experts is the same as hiring the first expert.

Would my research work/ manuscript be kept confidential?

Yes. All experts listed on Pub4Sure are screened manually by our team and are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. You can be assured of the confidentiality of your research work / manuscript.

Can I interact/converse with the Expert/s I engaged for my project/s?

Yes, you sure can! Isnt that sweet. Most of the peer reviewers usually comment about your manuscript and you are left to fend for yourself.
We at Pub4Sure enable you to interact with your engaged expert with your questions, doubts and queries. Remember there is only a limited number of times you can ask your questions. Please allow time for the expert to get back to you.
While the project is active Pub4Sure gives you a facility of Private Message Board (PMB). Using the PMB you can directly converse with the expert you have engaged for your manuscript.



Please keep the communication very professional and healthy. Exchange of personal data (email/phone/address etc) will be considered as breach of our Terms and Condition policy and will force us to delete your account permanently.

Why did my token expire?

Each expert is required to specify his turnaround time. To account for issues or exigencies Pub4Sure keeps the project active for time period which is twice the turnaround time specified by the expert. Once that time period has expired, the status of your project is set to completed by our system.

What does one payment entitle me to?

Pub4Sure offers 2 services, viz. Step by step guidance for generation of your research article / manuscript and review of the same by 4 different experts i.e. Subject Expert, Statistical Expert, Language Expert and Translation. Your initial payment to Pub4Sure is for the step by step guidance for creating your manuscript document. Thereafter you have the option of getting it reviewed by the experts for an additional cost.

How do I engage an Expert for my manuscript/project?

Pub4Sure provides you with an option to hire Subject/Statistics/English language/Translation experts.

EE 1

After you have chosen the category of experts you wish to engage. You will see a page with various experts. Use the filters to zero down your choices. Thereafter you will have a page displaying experts that fulfill your selection criteria. Click on the expert profile pic and this will then take you to his/her complete profile page where you can make your decision to engage or not to engage him/her.


If you decide to engage the expert click on Engage button and it will take you to the payment portal.


How can you get in touch with us?

Your feedback is very critical for us. We would really appreciate you getting back to us with your questions and suggestions. We will revert to you with our answer as soon as possible.
To contact us click on the icon on the very top (left hand side) of the home page of www.Pub4Sure.com It will open up the desired proforma.

Contact Us

How do I work on my manuscript/project?

Once you have chosen your project from What We Offer list, made the payment and started formatting your paper, we have all the information saved! Click on My Papers, and from here you can access and retrieve any of the project you initiated work on. You can edit/trash/engage expert for the projects you began in this section.


If you wish to engage an expert to help you refine your manuscript you can do so and have an overview about the interaction in the WORKROOM section.


How does Pub4Sure help me format my manuscript

Pub4Sure will mentor you through the whole process. From the very first step of formulating the first page (Title, Author information etc) till the last page (References, Tables, Graphs, etc). Each manuscript has been divided in to sections that are universally accepted. In each section you will find hints and suggestions that will guide you in formatting the text. Each Paragraph has a tool box to help with all necessary formatting (Superscript, Spell Check etc)


You can save the text and move ahead. In the end you would be able to generate a PDF of your final manuscript.

What if I forget my Username?

Your Username will always be the email with which your registered with Pub4Sure. Username are email ID specific. For each role (User or Expert/s) you need to have different email ID


What if I forget my password?

Please click the “Forgot user name/password?” link in the “Log In” box and follow the prompts. You will be asked to enter your email address (which is your Username)



Your email ID is your USERNAME


How do I create my profile as an expert

How do I create my profile as an expert

Please go through these steps to update your profile. A complete profile projects confidence and attracts more hits on your profile.

Step 1​: Log In with your password. Your user ID is your email account you used to register as an expert. ​


Step 2​: Click on Update Profile and then Edit Profile ​


Step 3 ​: Fill in all the essential details. You can upload any pic that you think might represent you. We do not share your email/information with any third party​


Step 4​: Continue filling the form. We suggest that you decide what charges you wish to maintain to do the reviews. ​


Step 5​: Click on the Update icon at the bottom to update your Basic Info and ​then click Proceed. Now kindly fill in this form.


Step 6​: You can have a look as to how your profile will look like by clicking at Profile Preview. You can come back and edit your profile as and how you desire. ​


As an expert how do I set up my payment portal?

Once you Login to your account, go to Update Profile. In the last section of Account Details you are requested to enter your PayPal email ID, if you have one. In case you do not have one please click on the link provided there.


This will take you to the PayPal website.

Thereafter go to the section titled Standard/Express Review and enter the your desired price for your service.

Pub4Sure allows you to decide your own workable time schedule and the money you think is appropriate for your efforts!

As an expert how do I get paid?

Currently we only support PayPal payments. You will be paid directly to your PayPal account. More payment methods will be available soon.

As an expert how do I make myself more visible to clients?

Having an up-to-date and complete profile is the key to make yourself better visible to prospective clients. In case you would like to be one of the featured experts on the site home page, contact us at service@pub4sure.com to get more details about the program.

Why should I enroll as an Expert on Pub4Sure?

World over researchers are looking for some help. With the vast expertise in your field, they would be glad to engage with you and get help. We are looking for following candidates
• Subject Experts
• Statistical Experts
• English Language Experts
• Language Translators

The BEST part of you hitching on to the Pub4Sure bandwagon as an expert is that
• You get PAID
• You decide your charges
• You get to decide which papers you wish to review
• You decide your own time frame to review a project
So far experts related to publishing of articles in journals have been doing this for FREE as peer reviewers. We let you either go pro bono (free) or earn for your hard work.
The choice is yours!

Who should I contact if I’m having trouble enrolling in Pub4Sure?

Please use Contact Us with your observations, comments, and/or technical issues. We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve our service to you!

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