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How Did We Start?

  • So we wanted to share something About Us as we felt our story would some where resonate with yours. At some point in our career, we all have encountered the complexity of writing our own manuscript and getting it published. Most of us give up out of ignorance and/or frustration. A few are brave enough to put in painstaking efforts and manage to get to see it in print. The journey is unpleasant, but if successful, exhilarating. We at Pub4Sure understand the tribulation you have to suffer hence; we developed Pub4Sure hoping to make this unsavory ordeal turn into very smooth and fruitful experience for you.

What’s the story behind us?

  • Initially as a student and later as practicing physicians we personally experienced the lack of proper guidance and resources as to how to formulate a manuscript to make it acceptable to the editorial boards of the journals. The initial rungs of the ladder began with rejected manuscripts (for the lack of structure, improper content, incorrect data analysis and lack of eloquence). Upon sharing our experiences with our peers, we realized that there was universality to gaps in knowledge in this field. Most of you like us lacked adequate guidance or training.
  • Over the time, having been successful in getting a few papers published and now being on the editorial board of a few journals we felt that the presentation of paper submitted is the most important factor for its rejection.
  • Hence, we tried to put together resources, mentors, links, at our website to ease the process and increase our chances of acceptance in a desired journal.

How we developed the idea?

  • We put our heads together to contemplate and develop a website that has viable solutions to your problems and goal to get your hard work published.
  • We wanted our portal to act like a mentor; guiding you at every step, helping you with every technicality and not letting you omit any crucial section or paragraph in your manuscript.
  • We meticulously accumulated information from various resources and created an amalgam of step by step guidance for any kind of paper (ranging from a research article, case report to a review article) that you may wish to get published.
  • Everything that is quintessential for a publishable manuscript has been put painstakingly in a structured, systemic manner. Pub4Sure guides you through each and every section from the cover page to bibliography (and even tables, graphs and pictures).
  • We have subject experts who will now work with you and help you make your paper get published promptly in a journal with good impact factor.
  • Most of our papers lack good statistical base and is one of the most common reason for rejection. We have statistical experts whom you could hire to help you at every step.
  • Proficiency in English is not a forte everyone can boast off, so we provide you with language experts and even translators who will mould your paper to make it flawless in grammar and syntax. All these small steps take you closer to your dream of getting your paper published.
  • In the end we provide you with a checklist, making doubly sure that you have in your manuscript a paper the journals can NOT refuse!
  • Unfortunately, we can only help you in structuring with your paper, the quality of the manuscript and its importance in medical science will still be determined by the journal’s editorial board.

Our creative inspiration?

  • We are inspired by all medical students and physicians who strive hard to format their research etc. in to a paper worthy of being published in a journal. It is really unfortunate that so much of belief, innovation, hypothesis and talent cannot come to the front due to handicaps of lack of sound guidance and resources.
  • We wish to contribute as much as we can in their endeavors to earn them the credit by the way of getting their work printed.

What motivated us?

  • Multiple rejections by journals motivated us to find a solution for proper and flawless formatting of papers prior to submission.
  • The tireless effort that you all put in only to be politely turned down inspires us to help and assist you in fulfilling your destiny. If you have something to share with other academicians, scientist, colleagues or public in general but found your hands tied, we are here to help.
  • Your effort is our motivation.

Our Goals & Focus

  • Our aim is to get you published. We want to make the process simple, relaxed and yet prompt.
  • We provide assistance and support from the very first step and till the end when you will have your immaculate paper in your hands, ready to submit.
  • Our focus is providing you simplified step by step guidance in formatting your paper to excellence. We strive to get you in touch with experts in your chosen field, statistical help, language expert and translators, all a click away.


  • Encourage proficiency in medical writing.



  • To provide you solutions that help simplify and demystify the intricacies of writing your manuscript and getting it PUBLISHED.

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