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    The registration is FREE. Considering that most of the students/researchers do not have much cash on them while studying we have kept our charges to bare essentials. We are charging a very nominal fee for PDF generation. If you wish to pick your experts, there are many possibilities and you can make a choice as per your pocket.

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    Pub4sure is the first and the only site where you will find detailed step by step instructions for any kind of manuscript that are published in various journals. We also provide assistance in working on your thesis/dissertation. Our team can also generate posters as per your desire and specifications.

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    Expert Guidance

    We have and will keep adding experts of all kinds to Pub4sure. The wide range of experts provides subject specific advice, statistical support, English language corrections, and even translations. We are sure you will not find all required mentors at one place anywhere else. The best part is you can choose one or multiple experts any time.

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    When you contact/hire an expert a non-disclosure confidentiality form will be signed by them, which will make sure that your research idea is not misused or copied.

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    The experts will be providing you their feedback and you can have a to and fro exchange of doubts with them. This will help you improvise your manuscript to a great detail.

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